Be Worry-Free with our Managed XDR Services

Detection and response across endpoint and email, supported by our threat experts.

Helps mitigate threats for organizations while alleviating overburdened IT teams.

  • Threat experts and managed detection and response services 24/7
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Incident investigation, response, and remediation

Innovative detection capabilities

  • 24/7 monitoring filters alerts to highlight those requiring investigation
  • Continuously sweeps for indicators of compromise (IoCs) or attack (IoAs), including those shared via US-CERT and third-party disclosures
  • Capitalizes on current product differentiators to ensure customers receive maximum benefits from their solutions’ detection capabilities
  • Leverages cutting-edge detection techniques in development

Deep threat analysis

  • Our threat experts create a full picture of the attack, including a root-cause analysis, attack vector, dwell time, spread, and impact summary
  • Analysts synthesize data into actionable insights, leveraging global threat research
  • Customers receive detailed incident reports and can work directly with analysts during the investigation process

Step-by-step remediation

  • Contains threats and automatically generates Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to prevent future attacks
  • Executes direct response and gives a step-by-step response plan to remediate while offering custom cleanup tools for recovery
  • Continuously sweeps the enterprise to quell threat resurgence
  • Generates detailed incident reports and regular executive reporting on security posture

Our Full Services

1. End-to-End Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Customized to your business needs
  • Proactive threat detection and response
  • Ongoing system monitoring and management

2. Advanced Threat Protection

  • Cutting-edge tools and technologies
  • Real-time AI-driven threat intelligence
  • Rapid incident response and mitigation

3. Compliance and Risk Management

  • Ensuring adherence to industry standards
  • Comprehensive risk assessments
  • Tailored compliance strategies

4. Employee Training and Awareness Programs

  • Empowering your team with cybersecurity knowledge
  • Interactive training sessions
  • Ongoing support and resources

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