Why DaaS.

DaaS is ‘Device as a Service’. Your current set-up requires you buy and manage all devices – workstations, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, servers and more. With DaaS you eliminate this hassle, and save on the cost:

  • Perfect for Small and Medium size businesses
  • Device as a Service moves your IT hardware expense from a CapEx investment to an Opex investment
  • When you buy a device, it’s operational lifespan is 2-3 years and then you’re stuck with a growing stack of hardware you no longer utilize, sitting in a closet. With DaaS we refresh your equipment every 2-3 years, eliminating the waste problem, and setting your team up to always be up and running with dependable devices.
  • You can scale up or down in devices as needed. Again no waste of equipment. A sustainable benefit in of itself.
  • You will not need to hire an IT tech, nor will you or one of your managers be stuck doing it. Just put in the request with us and we handle the rest.